Thought Workbench Features

  • Log Thoughts

    Log Thoughts

    When you are out and about, your phone is the ideal tool for logging your thoughts discreetly and easily. It enables you to capture your thoughts at the moment you experience them rather than waiting until you are home when the moment has gone.

  • Achieve Goals

    Achieve Goals

    Having set goals is arguably the most important part of your therapy, and Thought Workbench helps you work towards your goals by setting reminders and prompting you to update progress towards a goal.

  • Measure Progress

    Measure Progress

    When you have completed an activity you will be prompted for an emotional response towards achieving your goal. This will enable you to view your progress over a period of time for positive confirmation that you are moving closer to your goals.

  • Monitor Moods

    Monitor Moods

    Keeping track of your moods can identify further areas for improvement and Thought Workbench identifies trends from your logged thoughts giving you valuable insight into your psyche.

  • Plan Activities

    Plan Activities

    Thought Workbench allows you to set activities and notifies you when you are due to complete a task. It integrates nicely with your phone calendar so you can see whats upcoming at a glance and fit them in with your diary.